The world is only as beautiful as the bonds you build

Dog Trainer in Airdrie Alberta, Bull Dog Bob is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and board member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. Offering only humane and ethical teaching methods for both animal and human learners, Bob is committed to providing quality care and unmatched customer service.

Puppy Training Dog Trainer

Private Training

From jumping to fear and reactivity, counter surfing to recall, we can help with all manners of problems or just getting your new puppy  head start in life.

Dog walking dog trainer

Day Training

Ever wish you could have a professional trainer teach your dog everything they could ever need to know from the comfort of your home? Now you can!

online consult dog trainer

Online Consultations

Whether you have a dog who would learn better without a stranger in their home or you live halfway across the world, online consults are great for all occasions

Compassion & Integrity

We all love our dogs and of course we want what best for them, but sometimes what’s best isn’t always clear. That’s why I will always strive to treat everyone fairly and to use empathic listening techniques to understand and comprehend your worries. I  continue to further my own education so I may provide the most up-to-date science based techniques.

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dog trainer dog training

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

–Josh Billings